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Strike King Sunglass S11 Optics Clinch Matte Black-Green Mirror

Strike King Sunglass S11 Optics Clinch Matte Black-Green Mirror

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The Strike King Sunglasses S11 Optics Clinch in Matte Black with Green Mirror lenses are specialized eyewear designed to enhance clarity, protection, and performance for anglers during fishing expeditions. Here's what you can expect from these sunglasses:

**S11 Optics Technology:**
- These sunglasses feature Strike King's advanced S11 Optics technology, engineered to provide superior optical clarity, color contrast, and depth perception on the water.
- This technology aids anglers in spotting underwater details more clearly, including fish, structure, and changes in the water environment.

**Lens Design:**
- The Green Mirror lenses are tailored to reduce glare and enhance visibility, particularly in bright or high-glare conditions, making them well-suited for sunny days or fishing in reflective waters.
- Offering 100% UV protection, these lenses safeguard the eyes from harmful UVA and UVB rays, reducing eye strain during prolonged exposure to sunlight.

**Frame Design:**
- With a Matte Black frame finish, these sunglasses offer a sleek and stylish appearance suitable for both on-water and off-water activities.
- Constructed from lightweight yet durable materials, the frame ensures comfort during extended wear and resilience against the elements.

**Fit and Comfort:**
- The sunglasses are designed to provide a comfortable and secure fit, featuring adjustable nose pads and temple tips that enable customization to fit various face shapes and sizes.
- Their lightweight design minimizes pressure on the nose and ears, ensuring comfort even during long fishing sessions.

- Strike King sunglasses are known for their durability, with scratch-resistant and impact-resistant lenses that maintain clarity and performance in rugged fishing environments.
- The frame is robust and capable of withstanding drops, impacts, and exposure to water without compromising its integrity.

**Water Repellent Coating:**
- Some models may include a hydrophobic coating on the lenses, repelling water, oil, and dirt for clear vision and easy cleaning, even in wet conditions.

- While primarily designed for fishing, Strike King sunglasses are versatile for various outdoor activities such as boating, hiking, and golfing, thanks to their superior optics and protective features.

Overall, the Strike King Sunglasses S11 Optics Clinch in Matte Black with Green Mirror lenses provide anglers with high-performance eyewear, enhancing visibility, protecting against UV rays, and delivering enduring comfort and durability on the water.


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