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Strike King KVD Splash 2.75" 3/8oz TN Shad 2.0

Strike King KVD Splash 2.75" 3/8oz TN Shad 2.0

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The Strike King KVD Splash 2.75" 3/8oz in TN Shad 2.0 is a topwater fishing lure designed to mimic the appearance and movements of shad, a common baitfish prey for bass and other predatory species. Here's a detailed description:

**Size and Weight:**
- The lure measures 2.75 inches (approximately 7 centimeters) in length, providing a larger profile compared to smaller topwater lures.
- It weighs 3/8 ounces (approximately 10.6 grams), which adds casting distance and stability while still maintaining versatility in presentation.

- The KVD Splash features a sleek and streamlined body design optimized for topwater action, with a cupped face designed to create enticing splashes and commotion on the water's surface.
- Its shape and weight distribution allow for easy casting and accurate placement near cover or structure where bass are likely to be lurking.

- The "TN Shad 2.0" color pattern is specifically crafted to imitate the appearance of shad, featuring natural colors such as silver, blue, and black with intricate detailing and finishes.
- This realistic coloration closely resembles the markings and color patterns of shad in various water conditions, making it highly effective for fooling bass and triggering strikes.

- When retrieved, the Strike King KVD Splash in TN Shad 2.0 produces a lively and erratic surface action, with its cupped face creating a splashing and popping motion that mimics the movements of distressed or fleeing baitfish.
- Its realistic action and appearance make it irresistible to bass and other predatory species, often eliciting aggressive strikes and explosive surface action.

- The KVD Splash is a versatile topwater lure suitable for various retrieval techniques, including walking the dog, steady retrieves, and twitching.
- It can be effectively used in a variety of fishing scenarios, from targeting bass in open water to fishing around cover and structure along the shoreline or in shallow flats.

- Constructed from durable materials and featuring premium hardware, the Strike King KVD Splash is built to withstand aggressive strikes and rugged fishing conditions, ensuring its longevity and performance on the water.

Overall, the Strike King KVD Splash 2.75" 3/8oz in TN Shad 2.0 is a highly effective and versatile topwater lure that accurately mimics the appearance and movements of shad, making it a go-to choice for bass anglers looking to entice aggressive strikes on the surface.
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