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Scum Frog 5/16oz Watermelon Red-Black/Chart

Scum Frog 5/16oz Watermelon Red-Black/Chart

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**Product Description:**

**Scum Frog 5/16oz - Watermelon Red-Black/Chart**

Elevate your topwater fishing strategy with the Scum Frog 5/16oz in Watermelon Red-Black/Chart. This premium frog lure is designed to imitate the natural look and movement of a frog, enticing big bass and other predatory fish to strike with its lifelike action and vivid color pattern.

**Key Features:**

1. **Realistic Design:** The unique watermelon red and black color combination with chartreuse highlights mimics a real frog, making it highly attractive to predatory fish.
2. **Weedless Construction:** Designed to navigate through thick vegetation, lily pads, and other heavy cover without snagging, allowing you to fish in areas other lures can't reach.
3. **Soft, Pliable Body:** The soft body compresses easily when bitten, increasing the hook-up ratio by allowing the hooks to penetrate the fish’s mouth more effectively.
4. **Durable Hooks:** Equipped with sharp, corrosion-resistant hooks, this lure ensures a secure hold on fish once hooked, providing durability and reliability.
5. **Optimal Weight:** Weighing 5/16oz, this lure casts efficiently and maintains excellent topwater action, creating enticing movements that provoke aggressive strikes from fish.

**Perfect for:**
- Bass fishing
- Topwater fishing in heavy cover
- Freshwater fishing

The Scum Frog 5/16oz Watermelon Red-Black/Chart is a must-have for any serious angler targeting bass and other topwater predators. Its realistic design, weedless capabilities, and effective weight make it an exceptional choice for fishing in challenging environments. Trust Scum Frog for top-tier performance and reliability on your next fishing adventure!
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