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Plano EDGE Master Crankbait XLarge Box

Plano EDGE Master Crankbait XLarge Box

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The Plano EDGE Master Crankbait XLarge Box is a high-quality tackle storage solution designed specifically for organizing and protecting large crankbaits. Here's an overview of its features:

**Size and Capacity:**
- The XLarge size of the Plano EDGE Master Crankbait Box provides ample space for storing a large number of crankbaits.
- It is specifically designed to accommodate oversized lures, such as deep-diving crankbaits, large swimbaits, and oversized plugs.

- Constructed from durable materials, the Plano EDGE Master Crankbait Box is built to withstand the rigors of fishing and transportation.
- Its rugged construction ensures that your valuable crankbaits are protected from damage caused by impacts, moisture, and UV exposure.

**Innovative Design:**
- The EDGE series from Plano features innovative design elements, such as the Dri-Loc watertight seal, which provides an airtight and waterproof barrier to keep moisture out and protect your lures from rust and corrosion.
- The box also includes Rustrictor technology, which adds another layer of protection against rust and corrosion by absorbing moisture and preventing it from reaching your tackle.

**Customizable Storage:**
- The EDGE Master Crankbait XLarge Box features customizable dividers, allowing you to create individual compartments tailored to the size and shape of your crankbaits.
- This customizable storage system helps prevent tangling and damage to your lures while keeping them organized and easily accessible.

**Clear Lid:**
- The box features a clear lid, allowing you to quickly identify the contents without having to open it.
- This transparent lid design makes it easy to select the right lure for the fishing situation, saving you time on the water.

**Secure Closure:**
- The EDGE Master Crankbait Box is equipped with a secure latch closure system, ensuring that the lid stays firmly closed during transportation and storage.
- This secure closure mechanism provides added peace of mind, knowing that your valuable crankbaits are safely stored and protected.

Overall, the Plano EDGE Master Crankbait XLarge Box is an excellent choice for anglers who need a durable, organized, and protective storage solution for their large crankbaits. With its innovative features and customizable storage options, it helps keep your tackle organized, accessible, and in top condition for your next fishing adventure.
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