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Lews Speed Spin Classic Spinning Combo 6'6" 1pc ML

Lews Speed Spin Classic Spinning Combo 6'6" 1pc ML

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### Eagle Claw Pack-It Spincast Combo - 5'6" Telescopic

The Eagle Claw Pack-It Spincast Combo is the ultimate choice for anglers who value convenience and portability without compromising on performance. This telescopic combo is perfect for on-the-go fishing adventures, offering a compact and reliable solution for all your angling needs.

- **Rod Length:** 5 feet 6 inches
- **Rod Composition:** Telescopic design for easy storage and travel
- **Reel Type:** Spincast
- **Color:** Sleek black and gold accents
- **Grip:** Comfortable EVA handle for enhanced grip
- **Guides:** Ceramic guides for smooth line flow and durability
- **Gear Ratio:** 4.1:1 for efficient line retrieval

- **Portability:** Telescopic rod design allows for compact storage, making it ideal for backpacking and travel
- **Ease of Use:** Spincast reel is user-friendly, perfect for beginners and experienced anglers alike
- **Durability:** High-quality materials ensure reliable performance in various fishing conditions
- **Comfort:** Ergonomically designed handle provides a comfortable grip during extended fishing sessions

Whether you're hiking to a remote fishing spot or need a compact combo for spontaneous fishing trips, the Eagle Claw Pack-It Spincast Combo offers the versatility and reliability you need. Its telescopic design ensures that you can easily pack it away and take it wherever your fishing adventures lead you.
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