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Bass A Pro Tiny Shad 2" 15ct Electric Chicken

Bass A Pro Tiny Shad 2" 15ct Electric Chicken

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The Bass A Pro Tiny Shad 2" 15ct in Electric Chicken is a popular soft plastic fishing lure. Here's a detailed product description:

**Size and Quantity:**
- The lure measures 2 inches (approximately 5 centimeters) in length, making it ideal for targeting smaller fish species or for situations where a finesse presentation is required.
- The package contains 15 individual lures, providing anglers with a generous quantity for extended fishing trips or to replenish their tackle box.

- The lure is designed to mimic a tiny shad or baitfish, featuring a realistic body shape and detailing that closely resembles its natural counterparts.
- It has a slender body with a tapered tail, which creates lifelike swimming action and vibration in the water, enhancing its appeal to predatory fish.

- The Electric Chicken color scheme is characterized by vibrant and contrasting colors, typically featuring a combination of bright pink or magenta and chartreuse or green, often with flecks or sparkles for added visual attraction.
- This eye-catching color pattern is highly effective in attracting the attention of fish, especially in stained or murky water conditions or when fishing in low light.

- The Bass A Pro Tiny Shad in Electric Chicken is a versatile lure suitable for various fishing techniques, including casting, jigging, or drop shotting.
- It can be used in both freshwater and saltwater environments, making it suitable for targeting a wide range of species, including bass, crappie, panfish, and more.

- Made from durable and resilient soft plastic material, the lure is designed to withstand multiple strikes and bites from fish, ensuring long-lasting performance and value for anglers.

- The combination of realistic design, lifelike action, and vibrant coloration makes the Bass A Pro Tiny Shad in Electric Chicken a highly effective lure for enticing strikes from fish, even in challenging fishing conditions.

Overall, the Bass A Pro Tiny Shad 2" 15ct in Electric Chicken is a top choice among anglers seeking a reliable and versatile soft plastic lure for catching a variety of freshwater and saltwater fish species. Its lifelike appearance and proven effectiveness make it a staple in many tackle boxes.
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