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Bass A Curly Shad 2" 10ct Crystal Shad

Bass A Curly Shad 2" 10ct Crystal Shad

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**Product Description:**

**Bass Assassin Curly Shad 2" 10ct Crystal Shad**

Enhance your fishing experience with the Bass Assassin Curly Shad 2" in Crystal Shad. These soft plastic lures are designed to mimic the natural appearance and movement of a baitfish, making them highly attractive to a variety of fish species.

**Key Features:**

1. **Realistic Design:** The Crystal Shad color pattern and detailed design closely resemble the look of a small baitfish, enticing predatory fish.
2. **Curly Tail Action:** The unique curly tail design creates a lifelike swimming motion that mimics the movements of a real baitfish, provoking aggressive strikes from fish.
3. **Perfect Size:** At 2 inches, these curly shad lures are ideal for targeting a wide range of species, including bass, crappie, and panfish.
4. **High-Quality Soft Plastic:** Made from durable soft plastic, these lures provide a natural feel and lifelike action in the water, enhancing their effectiveness.
5. **Versatile Use:** Suitable for various rigging techniques such as jig heads, drop shots, and more, making them versatile for different fishing situations.
6. **10-Pack:** Comes in a convenient pack of ten, ensuring you have plenty of lures for multiple fishing trips.

**Perfect for:**
- Freshwater fishing
- Targeting bass, crappie, panfish, and other small to medium-sized species
- Ultralight fishing techniques

The Bass Assassin Curly Shad 2" 10ct Crystal Shad is a must-have for any angler looking to increase their catch rates. Its realistic design, durable construction, and lifelike action make it an effective lure for a variety of fish species. Trust Bass Assassin for high-quality lures that deliver exceptional performance on the water!
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